Speciality-Substrates in "organic" quality - "Made in Germany" by ECOSUS

The multipurpose "Comfort & Care-Free Package" with immediate and long term efficiency.

ECOSUS is derived from the terms ecological & sustainable. The brand name is reflecting our philosophy to create substrates that are highly efficient and completely safe to the environment!

ECOSUS is bringing together proven traditional knowledge and up-to-date science with modern production technology. Our products and solutions are fulfilling highest demands in efficacy, ecological safety and sustainable use of resources. The worldwide first and only pure herbal Terra-Preta-Substrate, approved for legal use in organic agriculture, is available from ECOSUS exclusively!

Mission & Vision

The very thin top layer of the earth`s crust is the soil we live on and which is providing us with our food. A healthy and fertile soil, like clean water to drink and pure air to breath, is a limited yet essential resource.

The development of environment friendly and most practical solutions to save and to rebuild the natural fundamentals of livelihood is the mission of ECOSUS.

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